Welcome to Bipolar Ex

I am starting this blog for pure selfish reasons. My ex was diagnosed with bipolar in January 2004. For 4 years I managed to keep our little family going through the ups and downs of the repeated episodes. I walked on my toes during that time, facing up the new situation as best I could.

When she endangered our 6 year old daughter, I had to step up and I filed for divorce, ensuring the safety of our daughter.

It is now 9 years since that first diagnosis, and although I had hoped that with the divorce things would have settled down, and life by now would be all tranquil, the truth sadly turned out to be very different.

This blog is to help me write off the many trials and tribulations, and the frustrations that I have endured trying to deal with this new reality. I am sure there are Bipolar patients who have different experiences, who have it much worse, and I am sure there are spouses past and present who are walking through the same or worse, but, again, this is for me.

Having said that, I do welcome feedback, and if you want to contribute, please feel free to contact me so we can set that up.

Thank you, and welcome again!

Current Status

I will go back and tell more about what happened in the past, but I want to post the current status.

Bankrolled by her grandmother, and heavily under pressure of her employer whom she doesn’t work for, my ex has embarked on the latest efforts to make my life difficult, preferably ending in me being forced to leave this country, and leave our daughter in her care, and ultimately both in the care of her domineering grandmother in Illinois.

Back in July 2010, even though I did not have income, since the economic crisis had hit my industry very hard, I was told by my lawyer that I should start paying alimony. My ex and her lawyer at the time, had filed in court, and my lawyer warned I would be held in contempt if I did not do so.

At the specific request of my ex, I paid her in cash, the alimony amount, plus the arrears we had agreed on. She wanted me to pay in cash, since she did not want the Social Security to find out, and possibly cut her medicare or food stamps, and she did not want her boss to find out either. I did this starting at the end of July 2010, and this had the result that the court filing by her and her lawyers was withdrawn, taken off calender.

I continued paying in cash, until I started getting suspicious in March 2011. I had been approached in a very hostile manner by her employer, and I decided to play things safe, and switch to payments by check. It never was an issue until September 2012, when, out of the blue, my ex and her grandmother apparently had visited a new lawyer, and had filed to seize my bank account, claiming I had not paid at all during that time.

This matter is still going on, and instead of calming down, since there is no money to be had here, it seems to escalte higher and higher. There seems to be a fishing expedition going on, all apperantly legal here, asking through discovery for information that has absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand, but clearly with the goal to dig, and see what can possibly be used in court, rightly or wrongfully, just to ensure I rack up a lawyer’s bill that I can not afford.

They claim in filings to have already spent $6,000.00 in lawyer fees to get the money that she claims I did not pay, a total of $4,200.00. Does that make sense? Well..? To a Bipolar it might?